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cosmotellurian ([personal profile] cosmotellurian) wrote2010-10-01 08:14 am
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how to get a hotel

So there's always a huge rush to get a room at the Marriot for Dragon*Con. Otherwise known as the 'Riot, it's the place where ALL of the great parties take place, has the best dealers rooms, and where all the cosplayers hang out. It's also home to the Sear restaurant and bar, the first bar I ever went to where they didn't card me. :] Basically, it's the best hotel to get for Dragon*Con.

Getting the room is the hard part. Just to detail how complicated the process is:

--on the passkey website
--site suddenly refreshes itself
--8am make call to passkey
--first time, it's busy
--immediately call back, not busy, put on hold
--8:12, still on hold, site lets me attempt reservation
--8:15, "session expired" on site, start over, still on hold
--8:20, helpful lady tells me it's sold out

Yep. xD 20 minutes, and every room is gone. Oh well, I have friends to stay with and if worst comes to worst, I can always stay with family outside of the city again. Or stay in one of the other hotels.

In other news, Stephanie Brown Batgirl costume is GOGOGO. :] I am soooooo excited about this, you have no idea! The only hard part will be making the cowl. How to do that please. xD