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cosmotellurian ([personal profile] cosmotellurian) wrote2010-10-04 11:15 pm
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The following is a text message transcription between me (V) and my boyfriend (J).

V: There's a guy in my class that looks like a Viking and drinks 2liter sodas.
J: Pics or it didn't happen.
V: That's creepy! plus he would crush me with his manly blonde ponytail.
J: well if he has a viking beard then i understand the intimidation.
V: Yup. Beard and ponytail. His soda gives him +5 stamina.
J: idk, all thats bad for the heart. maybe +5 atkpower or agil.
V: No, like, temp stamina. maybe it's just a buff?
J: yeah, like your paladin seal or something.
J: it's times like these I know for sure I'm with the right person.

My life is a movie. I'm floating right now. Just - on air. A balloon. Glitter. Seeds.